Hi! I am Amalia, the face behind Dirt Road Pretty Photography. 

I am a Mama to three amazing, tiny humans ages 6, 3 and 1 and a wife to a very hard-working husband who has supported our family for the past 6 years while we raised our babies.  Being a mother has been hands-down the best thing that has ever happened to me.  That being said, it hasn't come without its challenges.  I rode the emotional tidal-wave of post partum anxiety and depression after each of my babies which in turn caused me to lose a bit of myself.  I borrowed a friends camera to try and take my youngest son's 1 year pictures on my own, and the rest is history.  I developed an intense passion for what I saw in my lens; my outlook shifted to constantly looking for "beauty" everywhere and low and behold the cloud began to lift. Photography has made me a better mother, wife and human in general and I am forever grateful for it!


I have a fierce love for my family, horses, the sun and dirt.  I believe playing in the sunshine and dirt can help a person forget any strife or sorrow even for a moment.  Although I am a very dedicated, even-keal, responsible wife, mother and citizen, I have a bit of a weird, wild and reckless side that likes to shine through.  Generally, I am up for almost anything at least once and that includes pictures! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you meet you soon! 


Amalia Zarokostas




Amalia Zarokostas



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